Rock River Amstaffs

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     Welcome to Rock River Amstaffs.  We are a small family run kennel located near the Rock River in north central Illinois.  My wife and I have always loved and were raised with dogs, but for nearly the first 10 years of our marriage we did not own a dog.  It wasn’t because we didn’t want one, but we had a hard time coming to an agreement on which breed of dog to get. However, once we had kids asking for a dog as well the choice became so much clearer. 

     My wife preferred a low shed breed and one of small to medium size (not the large dogs that I had been accustomed to).  I didn’t care so much for small dogs and wanted something that was at least big enough to deter a possible intruder. We both insisted on a breed that was good with children and sturdy – one that could easily handle our busy household and the rough handling that young children can sometimes dish out. 

     Though we initially considered an American Pitbull Terrier for their outstanding reputation as a family dog, we found that the solution that fully fit the needs of our family was the AKC’s American Staffordshire Terrier. This breed, with its consistent sizes and temperament has been a perfect fit for us.

     At this point, I would like to publicly thank Ms. Heidi McClure of Pirouette Amstaffs.  Heidi has been such a blessing in helping us to discover Amstaffs.  We couldn’t have started our kennel without her.  We bought our first Amstaff, Frosty, (CH Pirouette’s Frosty Fable) from Heidi in 2008.  Heidi has remained available to us to answer questions and also took Frosty to get his Championship confirmations.  Frosty has always had a way of stealing the hearts of everyone he meets and is just the perfect dog for us in so many ways.  Ever since Frosty we’ve been hooked on the American Staffordshire Terrier and are thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to help other people experience the versatility and admirable qualities of this breed.

“Few dogs have been more carefully bred throughout their history, and there are few breeds with as voluminous pedigree records. Today the Staffordshire has emerged from his gladiatorial background as one of the finest of all dogs. He is proud and noble of bearing, he combines power and with grace and agility, he is bright and alert and his courage is not surpassed in any other animal on earth. He is intelligent, outstandingly amenable to training and discipline, and is adaptable to almost any conditions. He is superbly gentile with children, intensely loyal and affectionate, and is a wonderful watchdog. There are few dogs indeed that combine as many admirable qualities.”

“In no other breed is there present such a remarkable combination of gentleness, camaraderie and reliability”

Wilfred Truman Brandon

Founding President and primary energy behind the breed’s AKC recognition.

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